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Well Water Testing

Well water testing is a must if you live in a home with a well. Unlike municipal water, which has been tested and filtered of dangerous substances, there’s no one watching that well water but you! So, letting it slide can be unsafe—for you and your house.So whether you own a home with well water or are considering buying one, here’s what you need to know about how to test well water and make sure it’s safe.

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Thermal Imaging

Buying a Home? You can trust our home inspectors to search up, down and around all the corners of the property to get you the best results. Receive the inspection report and inspection report review remotely on the same day! Use your report to buy with confidence and make the best decision for you and your family!


Sewer Scopes

A sewer scope is a video inspection of the lateral sewer line leading from the house at/near the foundation and connecting to the city or HOA tap or septic tank. A lateral sewer line is the privately-owned pipeline connecting the property to the publicly-owned main sewer line, HOA tap, or septic tank.

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